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Tuition Rates

The rates will be as follows for 2019-2020:

Full-Time (for two weeks):

6 weeks - 12 months                 $427.00

1 year - 2 years                         $417.00

2 years - 3 years                       $407.00

Over 3 years                             $395.00

Part-Time (per day):

6 weeks - 12 months            $44.50+ $25 health insurance subsidy per child (bi-weekly)

1 year - 2 years                    $43.50+ $25 health insurance subsidy per child (bi-weekly)

2 years - 3 years                  $42.50+ $25 health insurance subsidy per child (bi-weekly)

Over 3 years                        $41.50+ $25 health insurance subsidy per child (bi-weekly)         

If you are interested in your child attending Sunflower on a part-time basis, please contact us.  There is a required minimum of 2 days per week.  Parents are required to commit to a set schedule of certain days per week.  For those who elect to send their child on a part-time basis, there are certain occasions where Sunflower may be able to accommodate the need for extra days in addition to the set schedule.  Requests for additional days are always subject to staff/child ratio rules.

Sunflower participates in the Child Care Choices (CCIS) reimbursement program.  Please contact your local CCIS office to see if you qualify and to apply for this program.

There are sibling rates for full-time children.  The youngest child in a family pays the full rate.  The older child (ren) receive(s) a 10% discount.  The discount does not apply to the health insurance subsidy--it is a set rate that is applied per each child.

Sunflower does have a waiting list for persons wanting to reserve a space for their child.  This list DOES NOT GUARANTEE a space will be available when you are ready to send your child to Sunflower.

Enrollment priority at Sunflower is given in the following order: 

1.  children of Sunflower employees

2.  children of Bucknell employees and students

3.  children in the general public


Upon accepting a space at Sunflower, a non-refundable deposit equal to the amount of two weeks' tuition is applied toward the family’s first two weeks tuition.  Sunflower requires a two-week notice when a parent no longer wishes to send their child to Sunflower.


Tuition is paid every other Friday in advance for the upcoming two weeks.  Payments can be made via check or cash only--we do not accept credit cards or automatic debits to our bank account as a form of payment.